Natural Cancer Treatment Revealed!
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February 2003...Victoria Kirby...HAS STAGE IV UTERINE CANCER!
But, I am a survivor using natural cancer treatment following a full radical hysterectomy. This is my experience with traditional, alternative, homeopathic, holisltic, herbal, and nutritional therapies.

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Why should you care about what I'm about to share......

My choice of therapies are relative to almost every kind of cancer or disease, because they treat the whole body, focusing on building up the immune system. So no matter what form of cancer you have, such as ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, or endometrial cancer like I did....there is an alternative and natural cancer treatment here that can help you.

I always felt that I had a voice in my choice of treatment, whether traditional medicine or natural treatment or both, and that I had a responsibility to make good decisions about my body. Like you, searching the web for any natural healing that I could do was my priority in addition to what my doctors recommended. Keeping a positive and open mind about what action to take is the first step to healing.

So what will I cover in my history so far as a cancer survivor? I had traditional surgery, as in a full hysterectomy, but I refused radiation and chemotherapy.

WOW! So what exactly did I do?

***My personal story
***Alternative treatments
***Homeopathic rememdies
***Nutritional changes in diet
***Detoxification in many forms
***Herbal supplements
***Chemical free life style
***pH regulation
***Electric rebalancing
***Essiac tea
***Lymph node drainage and detox
***Hormone replacement
***Weight loss
***Immune system boosters

Knowing that moment of terror when the doctor tells you it's cancer......
and you are panic decide that you want to LIVE!

I know because I've been there, and done that.......
and I'm still alive to tell it!

Uterine Cancer Symptoms of a Survivor
Uterine cancer symptoms lead to full radical hysterectomy.
Alkaline-Acid Forming Foods
List of Alkaline-Acid Forming Foods
Cancer awareness of all forms is of interest to me a survivor.
Cancer awareness examines the many types of cancer and it's prevention.
Chemical Free Cleaning Begins A Whole Toxic Free Lifestyle!
Chemical free cleaning helps to fight cancer! Choose Organic Foods---Beauty Products that will feed the immune system so it can repair the body's imbalances.
Coping spiritually through positive meditation
We often forget coping spiritually is part of the healing process
External Devices to Use to Detox !
External devices I use to cleanse and purify.
Internal Cleansing Detox Supplements!
Internal cleansing detox I use to cleanse and purify
What cancer treatment center did I use?
The challenge of choosing a cancer treatment center.
Learn the facts about vitamins for better health
Important facts about vitamins to enhance immune system
What about me and my life today?
What about me? -- I'm a Stage IV Uterine Cancer survivor.
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Internet business ideas that will succeed for you!
Fulfilling internet business ideas came from cancer experience.