Anything you can do to promote better health as home remedies that are easy and inexpensive is a hugh plus for me. It's amazing how simple they are, and yet the bennefit is dramatic. Over time these pleasant therapies have become part of my lifestyle.



This is so SIMPLE, and yet very detoxifying. Run a bath with warm to hot water,mixing in 1 cup Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. No other kind of vinegar will work as well. Soak for a least 20 minutes; longer if you can. Rinse off under the shower, scrubbing with a loofa or wash cloth, using no soap or pore-clogging moisturizers. It will help relieve a fever and congestion. It's better than most spa treatments, and so affordable!


Another soaking detox recipe uses 3 cups Epsom Salts and 1 cup Baking Soda (non-aluminum only). Again run a warm to hot bath and swirl water until salts dissolve. Soak for at least 20 minutes, and rinse off under the shower. I always use this one after a Lymph Drainage Therapy.


For a very mild home remedies detox that you can use on a regular basis at home, I use Miracle II soap to soak in. Add just 1 OZ. (2 capfuls) of soap in a warm bath, and soak for at least 20-30 minutes. Adding 2 OZ. of Neutralizer with it gives the skin a good shot of minerals to absorb as well.

I follow up with generous amounts of Neutralizer gel and then moisturizer topically on my skin. I use these products because they are chemical free and help keep my body at that optimum pH level of 7.0 with the minerals they contain. Remember, we want to balance our bodies from the inside and the outside!


Even though I did not have radiation or chemo therapy, I still had a good deal of hair loss after the radical hysterectomy. Surgery is just such a shock to the body, that it takes it's toll on some functions.

This home remedy has given me good results. Again using the Miracle II Moisturizing Soap directly on the scalp and hair, I let it sit as long as I can. Even 5 minutes while I'm in the shower, or 20 minutes soaking in the tub has given me great results. Wrapping my head with a plastic bag and sleeping with it on was the best. Or just sitting outside for an hour until it dried (then washing it out). The powerful cleansing detox action opens the pores and stimulates the hair folicle in some miraculous way. My hair has never regained it's full thickness, but it has come back dramatically.

***NOTE***I also lost most the color in my hair at the time surgery. So I use a natural, less-chemical product to color my hair. The only drawback is that the soap works so well, that it will pull the color out. So I use the soap for several days just before I'm due to color my hair again. Just a precaution, but proof to me that it really works!

**********These are a few external home remedies which I use regularly to aid in cleansing and detoxifying my body on the surface. The low cost of doing them yourself, is a very attractive bonus, and the benefits to the whole system are dramatic.

I hope you'll give them a try!